Do You Need Help With Your Immigration Status?

Do You Need Help With Your Immigration Status?

Turn to our immigration lawyers in Charlotte, NC

The Law Office of Theodore A. Maloney, PLLC provides immigration assistance throughout the country. For more than 15 years, our lawyers have worked hard to help families with their immigration status, forms and other complex situations. Immigration situations require extremely personal attention, which you will get if you work with our law office.

One-on-one help from a committed firm

The Law Office of Theodore A. Maloney offers quality assistance for the following immigration situations and more. If you are in need of immigration law help in the Queen City, don’t hesitate to give our law office a call.

Removal proceedings: If you are facing a removal proceedings case in an Immigration Court, please reach out to our lawyers right away to assist with your case and hearings.

Special immigrant juvenile status: Children that are in the United States without one or both parents can be eligible for lawful status. Our lawyers can help with the custody order, petition, adjustment of status and other paperwork.

Family-based petitions: The Law Office of Theodore A. Maloney can help with your petition for your family member to obtain a visa.

U visas: Those who have been the victim of certain types of crime can apply for a U visa. If you or your family member have been a victim, you may be eligible for status.

Adjustment of status: If you are elgibile to pursue permanent residency within the United States, reach out to our lawyers for help adjusting your status.

Naturalization: Let’s work to achieve your U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process.

Waivers: Both the provisional waiver for unlawful presence, as well as other waivers for inadmissibility grounds both here in the U.S. and outside the country.

Consular Processing: Taking the final important step of using your immigrant visa to come to the United States.